The Age of Discovery
Vizz posted on the 25/04/16. How Europeans Nations have conquered the World.
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Cabs in NYC
This Vizz was Vizz of the Day on the 02/11/15 and have over 45.000 views. Want to have an idea about where cabs go in NYC?
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Gartner 2017
Analyse 5 years of Gartner Data with this viz. Which Vendor is doing the best? Go to the Vizz

Alcohol in Iowa
This Vizz was Vizz of the day on the 02/02/16. Better understand the alcohol consumption in the Iowa State.
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Sous Vizzer
On Stage at the MGM Grand Arena at Las Vegas for the Iron Vizz at TC15'. Video and Pics available. Attendance 4.000+.
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100M Olympic Race
Compare all the sprinters from the Olympics in one race. An Imaginary Race between Usain Bolt and all other runners.
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Tableau Voice Controller
Control your data with your voice. A simple list of vocal commands allows you to control you dashboards and Tableau views.
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Rugby WorldCup 2015
Compare all teams before the beginning of the Rugby WorldCup 2015. Published in the Telegraph. +10.000 Views combined.
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