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Add User

To add a new user click on the + sign next to Users

For the role of the user you can select one of the following:

  • Interactor: This user will have access to the content but cannot change anything
  • Editor: This user can edit content of the Portal depending on the rights you give to him/her upon creation. These rights are granted for content, folders and reports as shown below.
  • Administrator: This user will have full access to your Portal, including editing rights, viewing billing, users, groups etc.
  • Unlicensed: This user has no longer access to the Portal (not chargeable).

For each user, automatically an Axxio Portal seat is allocated. You can assign an extra seat, for each user depending on what he/she should access. Next to each Seat type you can see how many seats you have left, based on the licenses that you bought.

For the user to be added, click Add user from the top right corner.