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Written by Adrien Charles - 04-04-2016

Tableau-ready free data with a do-whatever-you-want-with-it license. These Datasets are perfectly shaped for Tableau. Download and connect. I add some content from time to time but I do not double check the dataset. This means that I am not responsible if anything is missing or if the accuracy of the data is not good enough. This section is more here to help you rapidly achieve something and obtain rapid results.

All Cities of the World

+3,000,000 Cities Location in one file. Latitude, Longitude and Population. Use this file to map all cities that are not supported by Tableau. Blending and some filters will help you acheive the mapping.


UK Postcodes

+1,300,000 Postcodes' locations with latitude and longitude. Mapping in the United Kingdom with Tableau with a very granular level is now easy with this file.


Borough of London

You want to display the Borough of London ? Here is the Polygons file you need. Mapping London in Tableau can be done with some blending.


Awesome  Public Dataset -  +200 sources

Agriculture, Biology, Climate/Weather, Complex Networks, Computer Networks, Contextual Data, Data Challenges, Economics, Energy, Finance, Geology, GeoSpace/GIS, Government, Healthcare, Image Processing, Machine Learning, Museums, Natural Language, Physics, Psychology/Cognition, Public Domains, Search Engines, Social Networks, Social Sciences, Sports, Time Series, Transportation. You need more... Really?

All Airports Location

+5000 Airports Location. Use the 3 letters Airport Code (CDG = Charles de Gaulle Airport) to map the airports you need. Some additional information is contained like altitude and extra information.


London Tube Station

Create a map of all tube stations in London. Latitude and longitude is available and makes it easy for you to track where you are going on a map.


UK Official - +20.000 Datasets

24.000 data sets. It is all about the UK. Official government source.

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